Dr. Ashley Norman, N.D.

Naturopathic Doctor/Certified NET Practitioner


NET Mind-Body care is:


  • A quantitative analysis of the core values that effect perception, growth and stress.
  • A systematic, pre-determined series of questions and explorations directed toward the objective of assisting an individual to determine the root cause of dysfunction.
  • A process that neutralizes inappropriate and/or exaggerated stress responses, faciliates desirable behavioral changes and reorients a client towards a truer sense of self.
  • A method of adapting a thinking process over a course of time that results in a clearer understanding of the significance and principles related to life events.
  • A reproducible science enabling individuals to discover the underlying order governing their apparent daily chaos.



NET is an integrative medicine technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions.


Results from a peer-reviewed, published study demonstrated significant changes in the NET group, as compared to the control group, in the functional connectivity between the cerebellum (including the vermis) and the amygdala, parahippocampus, and brain stem. Likewise, participants receiving the NET intervention had significant reductions in autonomic reactivity based on heart rate response to the traumatic stimulus compared to the control group. This study is an initial step towards establishing a neurological signature of treatment effect for the NET intervention.



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