Chiropractic Assistant



- $31,000 yearly (paid as $1,192.00 biweekly)

- 12 paid days off (above and beyond scheduled office closure)

- Work hours (37-40/week):

     - Monday: 8:00-1:30 | 2:30-6:00

     - Tuesday: 8:00-1:30 | 2:30-6:00

     - Wednesday: 1:30-6:00

     - Thursday: 8:00-1:30 | 2:30-6:00

     - Friday: 8:00-1:30


Job Description & Desriable Attributes:


- Arrive at work in a timely manner, phyiscally and emotionally prepared to care for others.

- Create a welcoming environment for patient care.

- Greet patients and bring them to the appropriate treatment room.

- Prepare and care for patient files.

- Document an accurate history and prepare necessary tools for the doctor.

- Training to perform limited exam procedures (i.e. blood pressure).

- Develop an understanding of and communicate the science of the procedures in the office.

- Accurately collect payments and schedule/modify appointments.

- Speak to patients on the phone and check business voicemails and emails daily.

- Perform opening and closing procedures.


- Exhibit professionalism through dress, speech and body posture.
- Rigorously follow HIPAA privacy laws and adhere to patient confidentiality.

- Consistent and timely in attending work.

- Basic computer and iPad proficiency.

- Ability to write and understand basic medical terminology and learn any new niche terminology relelvant to patient care.

- Be an active and empathetic listener.

- Eagerness to respect and care for patients from all walks of life and points of view.

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